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3/3/2019 7:58:24 PM

Will we see activity shells that are actually worth it in the future?

The [url=]Contender's Shell[/url] is the prime example that it actually rewards players when grinding content. [quote][b]Seeker of Brilliance [/b]In addition to their normal rewards, encounters on the Leviathan can award Bright Engrams. This chance increases each time no Bright Engram drops. [b]Seeker of Opulence [/b]Exotic drops from encounters on the Leviathan have a 50% chance of being a Year 1 Exotic not already in your collection[/quote] [i]Why doesn't the Last Wish raid, Blind Well, Nightfall, Black Armory, or Gambit have any pinnacle shells such as this? [/i] - The Last Wish exotic ghost could be the exact same as the Contender's Shell but for TLW raid. SotP can have one as well. - The Blind Well exotic ghost could make Dreaming City loot grind-able when defeating tier 4 bosses in the Well. It could also only be obtainable after a certain Dreaming City triumph is archived. - Nightfall shell can have a drop protection for all Nightfall weapons as long as the 100,000 score threshold has been met in that run. ( I think this is already an aspect Bungie added to the base Nightfall mechanics but another loot based perk could be used instead) - The [b]Armory Forged Shell[/b] from Black Armory could have a trait that increases the BA weapon drops from Saboteurs and Forge bosses. Also including the same drop protection as the [i]Seeker of Brilliance[/i] trait. These weapons are the reskinned Y1 weapons that were included in the BA loot pool. The only shells I use are the Gunsmith telemetry shells, glimmer shells (which are useless mostly) and the exp shells. However, if these shells existed in the stated way then I would be more inclined to use them and even attempt to get the Armory shell (Which at this time is only for bragging rights and no other reason). They may also inspire more flexible RNG based traits on shells that enhance the grinding process for all the other activities in the game. These would help end game players such as myself enhance the late game grinding process.

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