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3/2/2019 11:42:13 AM

I'm Filming an In-Game Destiny 2 Movie. But I Need Your Help!!

[u][b]DESTINY 2 MOVIE SERIES[/b][/u] I am filming an in-game Destiny 2 Movie Series. It is going great so far, but due to lack of availiability of people ( ie my friends are never online) I'm currently looking for a few dedicated gaurdians to help me complete it. [b]Well what is it?[/b] The first entry in the series is called "[i]Stories on a Saturn Moon[/i]." A fireteam of two guardians are ordered to patrol Titan, which at first seems like a tedious and boring task, but it takes a turn of events into an adventure they'll never forget. [b]Okay. Sounds interesting. What do you need me to do?[/b] Well, there are no speaking lines, strictly character movement, gunplay, and various actions, tuned to create a movie with editing, all to the point to where the story element will be obvious to any viewer. I already have everything mapped out. so it should only take roughly 30-100min to film the entirety of the first film. The entirety will be filmed on PC (unless we cannot gather enough people) I will consider jumping on my Xbox One [b]Seems legit, how do I sign up?[/b] This is the Main Discord Channel: [url][/url] This is our Base of Operations. This is the channel we will use while filming. You can find our voice and text channels in there respective places, and you will be able to see if others and the director are online so we can coordinate a time to film. [u][b]Final Words[/b][/u] [u]Some Minor Requirements[/u] [b]1:[/b] Able to listen to directions and be able to coordinate with other actors (having a mic isn't required as long as you can hear everyone, but it does make it a little easier) [b]2:[/b] Have a wide access of emotes, weapons, and armors We are looking for as many people as we can get, I want this to be a community effort, of about 20-30 people involved. For filming, I only need roughly 3-6 guardians on at the same time. Looking for any classes, but I definitely need at least one OEM Titan, a Hunter, and a hunter. In this movie series I plan on making 3 movies of stories from these characters. Nobody has really done this with [i]Destiny[/i] before, and with its vast and interesting universe I think there is a lot to be explored with some untold stories of the [i]Destiny[/i] franchise. I'm hoping to unite some people who have a passion for Destiny, and Video content creation. If you have any questions or would like to get involved. Join our discord at: [url][/url] that is dedicated to filming Destiny Movies. Thanks!!

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