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Изменено (xJUSTALIL2RAx): 3/1/2019 1:38:30 AM


Sup, my name is[b] xJUSTALIL2RAx [/b]and I represent and lead the clan[b] SELF CULTURE. [/b]I am a [b]RETURNING PLAYER [/b]looking for ANY and ALL PLAYERS: ROOKIES & VETERANS ALIKE!! [u][b]!!~RAIDS/ PvP/ STRIKES/ GAMBIT/ etc.~!! [/b][/u] Really trying to get some [b]ACTIVE MEMBERS!!! [/b] As our motto states: [quote][b]"Elevate, Encourage, and Embrace the Culture."[/b] [/quote] I am trying to rebuild my community back up with Destiny 2 as I really do enjoy the game as a whole. I haven't played prior to vanilla D2 so after catching up with Forsaken, I feel the need to dive head first into its content regarding Raids (never completed one that I can recall. .), and definitely want to become Crucible efficient. I am looking for ALL LIGHT LVLS if you are trying to help a YOUNG, REAWOKEN CLAN to BETTER HEIGHTS, and also if you would like to build a community with a GUARDIAN willing to learn & adapt to this ever expanding universe. [u]#X1 #Destiny2[/u]

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