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[b]Who are we ?[/b] We are Misadventures Inc., a medium sized casual Destiny community that focuses on different aspects of the game. From veteran players to newcomers, competitive to casual, we are confident our community will provide you with the Destiny experience you've always wanted. [b]What we can Offer you ? [/b] An active community, full of active and helpful members. A Discord server with tons of people to socialize with. Weekly Raids and various activities. [b]Requirements[/b] 🔵 Be 18+ 🔵 Be Active at least once or twice a week. 🔵 English Speaking. 🔵 Play on the EU server and on PC. 🔵 Discord Required. 🔵 Must have a good attitude. If you feel you have what it takes to become a Misadventures Inc. member and you meet the above requirements, please feel free to apply at the link supplied below : [b]Who do I contact for more information ? [/b] For any further questions regarding recruitment, contact [url=]Limebear[/url], [url=]Veloren[/url]

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