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Изменено (LeVante): 2/25/2019 12:15:52 AM

What the heck happened to the crucible this weekend?

Did we get like a ton of pro players flooding the crucible? Something drastically changed from the end of the week, I'd say Friday. I don't know what but me & my friends can't hit anything anymore we all dropped from 1.5 average to 0.7 average. It was [b]really really hard[/b] to win a single match of Iron Banner! Losing 120 to 40, then breaking the team to find a better match and losing again with the double of our points. Only one person in our team went positive with efficiency and the opposite team is like 8 or 9 efficiency. I play crucible almost every day it wasn't like that mid week. I could win a match of Rumble every 3 or 4, but this weekend it was so hard even just getting a win in quickplay! What's wrong?!?!

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