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2/21/2019 4:17:59 PM

Cryo-Pod public event in upcoming seasons (and other story progression issues)

Expand the cryo-pod public event to Earth, Mars, Mercury, and Titan. All of these areas are inside the asteroid belt (where the reef is located) and just outside of it in Jupiter's orbit. It has been long enough to theoretically say that some of those pods made it past the Tangled Shore. That being said: I know it is a DLC public event and players who do not have Forsaken would essentially break the scrips and cause major server problems. So, lets say Bungie makes all CoO and Warmind content a free update/dlc for every D2 player and instead of the Cryo-pod PE this idea uses the Warsat PE instead.[spoiler] Just replace my use of pods/cryo-pod with Warsat. Also also, there wouldn't be a change to Mars obviously but the Tangled Shore would have Warsats instead, why not. [/spoiler] [quote]Earth These pods can be placed in the Outskirts as an alt to the southern Fallen Walker event, and in the Sunken Isles in the south of that area near the Tank spawn in the Strike. [/quote] [quote]Mars Glacial Drift and Braytech as an alt to the Warsat crash. I know both events are similar but at least this will shake things up a bit, and it would be fun to see how Rasputin reacts to the invasive nature of the crash landing. [/quote] [quote]Mercury This is obvious as Mercury desperately needs love. The cryo-pods could land on any of the 4 ordinal parts of the public space as those areas are already interesting based on their landscape.[/quote] [quote]Titan This one would be tough as all of Titan's public space is made up of metal architecture. However, it would be nice to see these land in the same spots as the Fallen Walker PE. [/quote] I along with many Destiny players (especially season pass holders) just want to see some actual progression in public spaces. We are literally still fighting Red Legion even though we have defeated multiple different high ranking leaders. Can we see some Red War progression? Like civil war or bids for power outside of the SoS raid lair (strike content, public events). Could we see some Osiris progression by letting him ([url=]Oded Fehr[/url]) voice a new Infinite Forest match made activity for Season Pass holders. Said activity can be like the Haunted Forest with Y2 versions of the Prophecy weapons. Could we have an update to Escalation Protocol to make it drop Y2 versions of the weapons along with more Warmind themed weapons (scout, pulse, AR, Grenade Launcher, RL, Sword) In Penumbra can we get a Y2 version of the Leviathan Raid along with a public space aboard the ship (Like the Dreaming City) seriously that ship is immense. It sickens me to see so much content, design, and just sheer love get discarded for "new" content. Said new content that is shallow and will eventually get forgotten as well. I know things shouldn't last forever and I know this stuff is not easy to do but c'mon Bungie don't take our stuff away again. This game is your baby and you have full custody now, earn that #1 Dad mug.

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