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Destiny 2

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2/24/2019 1:31:32 PM

"The Morning Star - Venus (Official Destiny Poetry) [Golden Age Anthology Part 3]"



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Link: [quote][b]Emblyne[/b] Published on Feb 21, 2019 Project Archive / Download Links (Start Here): Direct Booklet Link: - Malcolm's Words on the topic: - In 2013, Bungie’s audio director Marty O’Donnell hired poet Malcolm Guite to write poetry for Destiny and its musical accompaniment, Music of the Spheres. The end product was a series of 14 poems titled “Seven Heavens, Seven Hells; A Sequence for the Spheres,” and a supplementary poem titled “Earth’s Enigmas.” This 14-poem suite would have been included in the original Music of the Spheres release as liner notes. Each poem exhibits the same symbolism that inspired the musical movements, with the 15th, "Earth's Enigmas," being a cumulative vision of Destiny. We'll talk more about the symbolism later, but for now please enjoy these poems in the context they were meant to be heard, alongside Music of the Spheres. - Byf: Moon:[/quote] [spoiler][u][b]Mk300mk's Notes:[/b][/u] Amazing series of videos based on the Music of the Spheres and the poetry that was written for it! Playlist of the rest of the videos:[/spoiler]

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