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Изменено (SubtleSpartan): 2/23/2019 4:47:34 PM

Why the PVE shotgun change is a good thing

Bungie is right, full auto shotguns have overshadowed all other shotgun types since D2s launch. In vanilla shotguns being power weapons meant this wasn’t as prevalent but since Forsaken I don’t think I’ve used a slug shotgun at all outside of pvp, I’ve used an aggressive shotgun a few times but ultimately always returned to full auto. And don’t get me started on lightweight. Full auto shotguns are the best pve shotguns by a country mile, ammo is common enough that it’s not an issue burning through your magazine so other shotguns are just ignored. This change is justified and to be honest has been a long time coming. I’m sure most of you are upset because you feel like this is a nerf to full auto shottys but did you miss the part where they said they’re [b]DOUBLING SHOTGUN DAMAGE IN PVE[/b]? With this buff shotguns are going to become more powerful than they’ve ever been, so quit whining because there is no nerf coming to shotguns (aside from the pvp one and no one can deny the forums have been screaming about them since the D1 beta). So chill, no one is breaking your precious shotgun, they’re just bringing other shotguns up to par, maybe a bit above if I’m being honest.

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