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2/22/2019 8:54:26 PM

Grenades Should Be Deadly

#MakeGrenadesDeadlyAgain #MGDA The other option would be to rename them "Moderate Bullet Assistors" or "Sparkle Balls". I think there were Nerfherders in D1 griping about getting killed by grenades but the thing is, THEY ARE GRENADES. They are supposed to blow up the recipients. If you throw a grenade in between three people the result should not be moderate annoyance. The result should be those three people getting blown the $&%! up. Now that we've got a bunch of OSK crap running all over the crucible why the heck are grenades not grenades? Sure you can keep supressors, or smoke doing what they do because they are labeled as such. People can choose stupid grenades at their own discretion. The ones that are grenades though, they need to do damage, other wise they are not actually grenades. With all the things done in the sake of "balance" how is letting all players have access to deadly grenades not seen as a really balanced thing? The warlock stickies did have too much homing in D1 (up until they were nerfed). The answer wasn't to make all grenades stupid.

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