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2/22/2019 4:24:09 AM

Hey Bungie, while we're talking about Hunter Cloaks...

Hey Bungie and Community, it's been a while! Wanted to bring something up while we're talking about the upcoming change to the Hunter Cloak preview screen; Something I'm sure every Hunter and Huntress has wanted at some point! While much more complex than the Cloak Preview screen, could we possibly have the option, at some point, of wearing our Cloak's Hood up [i][b]with our Helmets off?[/b][/i] Again, I'm absolutely sure this is much harder to implement, but you tell me that it wouldn't be awesome?! Hope this is something that could one day be put into the game, but it's definitely not pressing. Just an idea I hope Bungie's Devs consider for the future and something I hope our Hunter Community might like! Thanks for reading and have a good week everyone!

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