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Изменено (Kanashimi510): 2/16/2019 5:30:40 PM

The Rat King could use a buff.

So, I dusted off my old sidearm "Rat King" to mess around with. I remember this being a fun little sidearm. After some time behind the trigger, I am thinking that this exotic is a little outdated in it's performance and due for an upgrade. I always liked the idea of this weapon's perks, and the design is awesome. It just needs a little "love" so that it feels like it's worth taking up that exotic slot for a short range weapon with low aim assist. Sidearms could benefit from a small buff all around, but maybe on top of that, boost the rate of fire on the Rat King up to something like the "Last Hope". [u]491 rpm as opposed to what it's at now (300 rpm).[/u] Anyways, that's my opinion and request. I like this weapon and would like it to get a little positive attention. Thanks for reading. -k-

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