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Mouse - Fire and Aim button gets stuck

Randomly during gameplay, either left or right click input gets stuck or not responsive for me. This results in endlessly shooting, aiming down sights without input and vice versa.. Not being able to use both. This case is also present in the director mode and the main menu. I don't think this is a hardware issue as I did not experience such issue with other games I've played. However in Destiny 2, while everything goes fine suddenly I get stuck ADS and emptying my mag. I did not experience this before in Destiny 2 as well, circa the beginning of Season 5 but recently during the Crimson Days after a break I started to see this. I dunno.. Maybe I'm missing something. EDIT: Ok, partially it can be hardware related. Sometimes my mouse gets disconnected however gets reconnected instantly. In other games this does not cause a problem and mouse continues to function normally. Maybe the mouse is kept at its most recent state and when it reconnects the state is maintained instead of resetted.

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