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Destiny 2

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Изменено (Papa_bear1990): 2/17/2019 4:10:16 AM

Destiny Deleted

Bungie, You have taken what was supposed to be a great game and shite all over it. I WILL be getting my money back for the Forsaken DLC. All you care about is the amount of money you can make. You don’t listen to your player base. You constantly force people into things they don’t want to do. When I’m being forced to play PvP for a quest, I have to constantly put up with cheating and game exploitation. Black Armory lets you doing all the quest, but you literally have to pay for the reward with an Annual pass? You have me messed up thinking I will tolerate this crap. Your pathetic game has survived on the other pathetic low-life, SCUM who play your game. I really do hope you come to your senses and quit making games. Please, for the sake of gaming. Go make another Battle Royale like all the other garbage companies - leave my RPGs alone a-holes. I wish I had never given this game a second chance...I had so much faith in this game. You literally make me feel like I was molested. I’m now off the play Monster Hunter, a real video game till Anthem comes out on Feb. 22 and then Division 2 on

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