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Destiny 2

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2/14/2019 3:10:26 AM

No more campaign?!

So for the first time i checked out Destiny's instagram. There was a [url=]post[/url] by them where Production Director Justin Truman says: [i]"We're not trying to do DLC's anymore, [b]we're not trying to introduce a brand new campaign[/b]. Instead what we want to do is deliver full seasons of content that can last an entire year."[/i] So that's it then? Who cares what happened to Eris Morn? Who cares about the triangle ships. Who cares about whatever it is that's going on in the Dreaming City? No more campaigns or DLCs, just annual pass busy work content that gets you to grind for better gear for PvP? I didn't know it was official. well that sucks.

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