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Изменено (Cantio): 5/21/2019 7:40:42 PM

Closed Circle [CC] (EU) (PC) is recruiting!

Greeting Destiny 2 community! Closed Circle [CC] is a [i][u]casual raiding guild[/u][/i] with a [i]flexible schedule[/i] (usually 19:30-22:00 CET). We are playing both PvE and PvP content (including competitive). We've cleared all of Destiny 2 raid and annual pass content. We have one goal in mind: to have fun. In gambits, crucibles, raids, the vast open world of Destiny 2, the amazing exotic questlines or the annual pass content - we're here to help each other and have fun. We are not strict or irritable raid leaders - it's a relaxed atmosphere where everyone has a chance at raiding - even though you haven't raided before, we will guide you through your role in every raid. All information is posted in our [u]Discord [/u] server's channels Please note we will not tolerate toxicity and profanity. If you feel like this is a clan that fits your needs as an epic Guardian, be free to reach out to us in-game or just send an invitation request. Good luck and have fun! [i]Cantio, Highlord of Closed Circle[/i] [i]edited 21/05/2019[/i]

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