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Изменено (Roland Daemon): 2/10/2019 5:21:33 PM

In the defense of Titan Skating.

This weeks TWAB post has a section that mentions that they will be fixing Titan skating. While I knew to some extent that it was going to be fixed eventually when we first acquired the skill, It has been in the game so long that it has become an integral part of my Destiny 2 experience. I enjoy good movement mechanics and while It is 'exploiting' to an extent, its bugs like these that have created some of the best movement mechanics in gaming such as skiing in Tribes going as far back as Gunz the Duel with k-styling with animation canceling to get faster speeds. This way of movement for titans is one of the few ways that some of us were even able to compete in crucible because as far as movement abilities went before forsaken (remember when shoulder charges didn't have the moment and speed as they do right now? I remember) this was one of the ways we could deal with warlock blinks and hunter dodging. Even right now I've only ever been able to rarely get away from hunter blade barrages because I Was able to skate away into safety in less than a second due to the mechanics at hand. We can't pop our shoulder charges at a moments notice like blink or dodge. Our 'defensive' ability has way too long of a startup time that plays well with the 'speed' of crucible. Once we had Skating back, I was able to get out of situations that others were able to get of with literally a press of a button or two. I am saddened that you will be removing the feature outright. In PvE, who cares? It was fun and risky. I still wish to this day there was an emblem for misadventure deaths because I can guarantee that roughly 50% of my misadventure deaths were because I titan skated too liberally instead of moving 'normally'. Your arguments of "...unfair advantage when it comes to the fundamentals of combat gameplay like aiming, positioning, and even networking..." only has one point that even sticks to me and that's networking. If this is actually screwing with networking, then by all means either update your networking to support a feature. The argument of fundamentals of combat gameplay of aiming and positioning are kind of bunk, especially on PC. I'm sure with the year and a half you've been on PC you can tell that KB+M is vastly superior to a controller, Just look at precision kill stats across the platforms on destinytracker. PC is nearly double the amount of precision kills in the top 10 vs Xbox which means people are able to aim faster and more precise than our console brothers. I don't believe your aiming argument holds much ground here for 'unfair aiming'. The argument of positioning has -a smaller- legitimacy but at the same time it's a risk vs reward situation. Being able to get to a point a couple seconds faster can make the start of a pvp match turn the tide in one direction, but it comes with the risk of you might be 1v6 or 1v4'ing the other team before your team gets into position to even support you. With our meta of shotguns and team-shooting still ever rampant it more often than not gets you killed sooner than helps the team in the overall situation, and can even cause you to start out behind. Once the match has been in for 30 seconds or more, knowing that titans can skate or not in the match means you can properly adjust for the situation and punish them for it. Like I said above, networking is the only thing I will respect of the reasoning's for changing this but I would rather have seen you guys upgrade your networks instead. I would like to ask that you remove the ridiculous amounts of speed dawnblades can get during the super as neither titans or hunters can move that fast or with that much control even at the fastest speeds of titan skating. But that won't happen so I get to watch the only class I play get tuned down. You say that it will still be around in some form but I doubt it, much like what happened to nova warp, you took things too far and I feel like any way to move faster will be killed as a titan. I would like to ask for this change to not go through, but I know you've spent time on it enough where it's probably a done deal by now. I will be sad and will be discouraged from playing at that point but i'm sure you knew that this was an important issue that needed to be addressed before other problems the game has.

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