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Destiny 2

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Изменено (TheHero): 2/9/2019 8:59:24 AM

Titanskating Nerf (in Update 2.2.0) will be a Joke, Titanskating is not fixed bec. it's a Powerfantasy???

WTF Bungie uses an excuse to let it (functionality of Titanskating) in the Game, by saying we Players have a "Titan Power Fantasy" using a Gameexploit like Titanskating. Bungie is incompetent in fixing the Exploit because they dont have an answer to make a Titans Moveset a good one without exploiting Macros to use the POWER FANTASY MOVING SET called TITANSKATING. Bungie is giving us Players a slap into our faces. Meaning, its our fault not using Titanskating. The Nerf is not even a Nerf when its only making the Macro more complicated. There will be new more complicated Macros to find on internet in no Time after the UPDATE 2.2.0 so everyone will be looking for it. Especially the POWERFANTASY TITANS who cant play without it. The ones who are probably the most stupid players not even able to to play normal without any exploits. The POWERFANTASY RANGERS will show you Bungie and laugh into your face and into the face of all other Players not using any exploits. [b]Goddamnit Fix this whole Game please.[/b] [spoiler]Oh wait, i dont believe in Deities. So redact that "God" Word yourself. You can do it, you have such abilities and a lot of people redacting Forum Threads when they dont suit you.[/spoiler] Another reminder: I did read an article about Fallout 76 today on If you replace all developer Names and Gametitle, Locations etc, etc from Fallout 76 with content from Destiny 2. The very same Article describes how i fared and experienced Destiny 2 since release. [quote]Here you can see my whole time invested in the timetable gamehistory. Making my account one of the Top5 listed even on Wasted Time on Destiny 2 for Total Time in Destiny 2: 5552h = 231d 8h 13m Total Time in Activities: 3868h = 161d 4h 7m I would probably be even listed as first place, but the ones above me are most of the time idling and botting. So yes, my time invested is purely gaming and some social space itemmanagment loss of time. Because Itemmanagement in D2 is eating a lot of time. By fact its the worst i have experienced in a Tripple A Title so far in all my Time as a Gamer for almost 3 Decades now.[/quote] I am not happy in which direction Destiny 2 goes to. Too many things need to be fixed. Especially the Item-management, which is the worst for a Game which is based on lots of Loot. I feel like i do play a logistic Management Game most of the time. Not an action based Futuristic shooter. And all so called Fixes are not even helping. They Fix it either very late (after monthes) when its not even not so important anymore or has no impact or its just to ease your mind. Get better Bungie, you need to. Too much trouble coming in, even the "Divorce" from Activision seems to many stakeholders beeing buggy thing, so they sued you. [b]Whats wrong with you guys at Bungie?[/b] So for the last time said in this Thread: The Nerf is not even a Nerf. Its just nothing. Hollow Talk. New Macros will be available in no time. So Nerfing it by having you to make a more complicated Macro to do Titanskating, is no Nerf at all.

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