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How effective is reporting?

I feel reporting is effective.


I feel reporting is not effective.


I feel there is no actual repercussions of reports


I feel only cheating is the only report acted on.


Just got done playing some gambit, and for the sake of science I decided to not leave a lobby in which a player was using a bot to AFK. This player had apparently been bugging another player who was staying in the lobby for much the same reason I was: To see if reporting would ever actually solve the problem. We would both encourage our teams to report this afk player, so that was anywhere between 2 and 6 players per match besides us who were reporting this guy, I stuck around personally for maybe 5 or 6 matches and the other guy had been there for at least 2 prior to that. This player was never kicked. His team actually lost every single time. A few times were close with heavy invading trying to buy some time, but the players in the game were fairly evenly matched and being a man down just didn't ever work out. There appears to be no mechanism in place to allow the automatic / immediate dealing with troublesome players, and it begs the question if there's any process at all for dealing with the players ever. I've done some googling to see what the answers to this question have been in the past, and I see a lot of player sentimentality that it just doesn't work. From players calling it a "Clogged toilet where new reports are just thrown on to an already non-functioning system" to "A placebo system that actually does nothing so players can feel good about themselves for reporting people they don't like". I'm hoping to get a more official understanding of the system, and encourage an improvement of the system.

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