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Изменено (DegenerateX): 2/5/2019 9:37:11 PM

PUBLIC NOTICE: Do Not, Under Any Circumstances, Kill Nokris BEFORE The Final Phase Of His Fight!

Just thought I'd throw this up to prevent people from bashing their heads into walls. I thought I'd try to cheese Nokris by shooting him with a Hawkeye Hacked Golden Gun in the head. Bad idea. Near as I can tell, because I didn't allow Nokris to go through his combat phases, the game never registered that I did, indeed, "Defeat Nokris." And since there's no "Abort Mission" Option, I had to Exit the game. I've posted about this in the Help Forums so the Devs might see it and fix it. I through I'd repost it here in shorter form so others don't try to do this and end up having to abort and replay it. Also, I've provided a link to the Screenshot I took as proof and there was no Nokris in the entire room and the mission was, in fact, still active. UPDATE: So... Bungie actually saw my post. Said they would send it in for investigation. Also they seemed to agree with me on the root cause. So hopefully this will be fixed in short order. Still, until we see this in the Patch Notes, I urge you all to refrain from killing Nokris before the Final Phase of the fight (i.e. shatter all the crystals before you kill Nokris) unless you want to completely re-do the Nokris fight. Luckily, it started me there and NOT at the beginning of the entire mission. But I think that's because I Exited The Game instead of Aborting The Mission. So yeah, I would leave that as a tip too: If you end up breaking the game like I did, Exit To Desktop. I'm assuming Aborting The Mission means you have to completely re-do the whole mission and you kinda want to avoid that.

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