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2/4/2019 8:55:08 PM

Duplicate Protection is a Joke!

Bungie stated that they made an exotic duplicate protection. This, from what I know is supposedly to help reduce the chances of getting a duplicate exotic. For three months now I have received nothing of the sort. When the protection came out I received one exotic. Which at the time i was excited about. I have played for the past two months from today and received exotics, but only to the extent that they are all year one duplicates. Nothing angers me more when you purchase a DLC because you completed all exotics from year one and attempt to collect forsaken exotics and your RNG is terrible. I decided for the past two weeks to not play destiny (giving my chance a refresher). And As soon as I get back in the game, first day I get two exotics and one catalyst. Both year one duplicates and a Jade rabbit catalyst. There goes my hope of grinding. putting in at least 20+ hours a week on destiny alone I feel time is wasted. Please, Bungie, fix this issue. Your duplicate protection is a failure. I speak for myself not for others who are actually acquiring these exotics but for the people who grind and receive nothing.

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