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2/4/2019 5:42:47 PM

Black Armory Rare bounty: Might of the Armory NOT COMPLETING

So after a week of farming daily bounties to get a rare bounty for the izanagis burden questline, i finally got one the day before curse week ended. However, once i completed the objective, wear 4 pieces of black armory gear ( Baligant XU7743, KINDLED ORCHID, HAMMERHEAD, ANNEALED SHAPER BOOTS) and complete shattered throne, it did not register. Id like this to be rectified if it is a bug because from what i see i have completed the objective. If the only reason it hasn't registered is because one weapon is an augmented weapon instead of a "pure" one then i find that entirely ridiculous since i got the weapon from a forge in the first place!? Id really like this answered quickly since this is that last day of curse week and i really don't want to wait another 3 weeks just because of either a bug or terrible quest description.

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