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Destiny 2

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Изменено (Pancake Monk): 2/3/2019 4:32:17 PM

One Eyed Mask is fine.

Posted this in another thread but: quote]I have and use OEM. I’m an average crucible player at best. It does not make you a god, or transcend reality, or whatever. You still have to get kills to proc the perk. Even then, the over-shield isn’t super strong and at best can keep you alive for a while longer in a 1v2 or 3. OEM only benefits already really good players, or those who like to steal cheap kills. But for a regular player, if you don’t hit shots and get kills, you die, and the perk doesn’t activate, If anything, I like OEM for the ability to track enemies, not for the over-shield. Still, it’s a titan’s best pvp exotic armor because there are literally 0 better options.[/quote]

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