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Изменено (drew123301): 2/4/2019 8:47:11 PM

Alternate Completions for Crucible Quest Steps

I'm a hunter, and I already know the drawback that will bring me, so if your input isn't constructive but rather something along the lines of "Git Gud" or "WAAAHHH!!! Suck it up", then please leave it out of the comments. My problem here is this. They did it in D1, now they're doing it in D2, putting some integral or intriguing pieces of story and lore along an Exotic Questline. I have no problem with that, but rather, I welcome it. But one thing they're also doing is absolutely locking it behind Crucible kill steps. Take The Last Word, for instance. The second step, "The Temptation", is to simply kill opposing guardians in the Crucible. Ok, understandable, it's a PvP fun anyway. I don't play PvP for one reason and one reason only. I suck. Completely, utterly, definitely. I am almost completely useless. I started my attempts at completing this step today and after a round of quick play, ended the match at about 10%. "Not bad, maybe I'll actually be able to do this." I head into Mayhem, and after my first match, I'm at 23%. "Awesome, this should work well for me." After three more matches, I'm back down to 12%. "Okay, back to quick play. Obviously Mayhem isn't going to help here." After the next match, I'm at 9%. "Alright, everyone has drawbacks, I was expecting this at some point." After the next, back to zero. That right, 0%. Right where I started. And I'm only about an hour and a half in. After two and a half more hours, I'm at 1%. All the while switching between game modes. By this point, I've already brought in a friend and played with him for about an hour, and it hasn't helped. I'm in silent rage, he feels guilty for not being able to help more, and I'm four hours in, right where I started. I never expected to get it don't in thirty minutes, but I didn't expect to be at 1% four hours in. Like I said, I suck at PvP, I've never excelled at it, but I'm going after the gun for the story behind it, and because I'm a perfectionist. There has to be another way. Like, maybe after I kill so many opponents, I progress to the next step regardless of what my overall K/D is. Because if there's not, I'm going to lose all motivation to complete other quests like Malfeasance, after I had already almost given up on Chaperone. Not to mention kill my desire to even attempt a Crucible based quest step in the future whenever I encounter it. I'm not a try hard, I never claim to be, I don't have Luna's, Redrix's (Claymore or Broadsword), Not Forgotten, any of it. I don't have the patience, time, or value for it. I don't see the value of grinding hours and hours and hours on end just so I can say that I have a certain gun because I withstood the rage I created for a certain amount of time. I want to play a game and complete it because it's fun, not to have a standing. But I just don't understand why it has to be locked to something that I will never have the time, patience, nor value to become good at. Even if an alternate completion takes longer to do, that's fine, as long as I know that I'm at least making progress towards my goal, I'll have a lot more patience with it and stick it through. But right now, I'm questioning the worth of putting up with the disappointment and rage that will be created for who knows how long until I finish this.

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