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Destiny 2

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2/2/2019 8:45:07 PM

Concept Content (possible season 8/9 ideas)

This’s just “concept” content I’ve been thinking about recently Bungie… Please and I mean please by all means shelf D3 and wait until PS6/X3 (or at the least PS5 2.0). I say this because Destiny’s the type of game in which releasing new game after new game (when it’s just an update/scrapped content) isn’t salubrious by any means. Season 8 (Season of the Queen) Mara Sov Expansion Now that Prince Emo has been rezd 😳 he should be telling us what he seen while “Taken” while Mara would be happy to see her brother, she’s be a bit upset he’s a “guardian” (she should have some ability where she restores his memories). Also I’d like to add these 4 locations because it’ll be the start of “Pirate” Queen Mara Saturns Moons Dione Enceladus Hyperion Iapetus "Season 8 should also include some Forsaken exotic catalysts..." These 4 moons/jovian worlds should be tied to the campaign and us interacting w/ the corrupted shards of the Traveler and obtain corrupted abilities (or add new abilities and elements). I’d also like to see 3 new races and 5 lost sectors per planet (because killing Cabal, Eliksni/Fallen/Scorn, Hive, Vex & Taken is boring, we need more). 2 Raids & Lairs per planet, and more interaction between characters (less radio, oh and bring back the guardians’ voice (teasing us by getting Itachis’ VO to be our guardian ya sneaky bastards (MoreConsole voice) Season 9 (Season of “The Nine”) (yes pun intended & I know it’s cheesy) Since “The Nine” “control/rule” the Jovian moons/worlds past Saturn, instead of us waiting for D3 to travel to here, this season would include us traveling to said moons/worlds. This should be the expansion to the “Nine/Mara Sov” story. Jupiter Moons Europa Ganymede Callisto Neptune Moons Triton Neso Proteus In regards to Trials It needs to be level advantage enabled and have a match selection/matchmaking of Breakthrough, Countdown, Doubles, Gambit, Lockdown, Mayhem, Showdown, Survival, Supremacy In regards to the PvPvE (y'all really need to drop this in here instead of D3) I’d like to borrow the concept of Dark Zones (from The Division) and say that these can/should go on the moon of Jupiter/Saturn etc. These can work as certain sectors in which Ghost might say “Sure you wanna go there? You know it’s going to be a goofy firefight” Off topic but I hate how on Io The Vex gates are there but inactive, I always felt like they should send you to new parts of Io. Also campaign based raids, lairs, dungeons, Blind well/EP events should be a thing (meaning you have to beat these to progress through the campaign). Where’s our kinetic Trace Rifle, I know y’all have it in storage Bungie! I have question for y’all also (because I didn’t play D1)… I understand the Oryx died in D1 and his worm fell to Titan, so in a sense isn’t he still alive, how does that work? also Bungie (be it DMG, Cosmo, whoever's in charge)... I truly hate how you guys listen to the crybabies who complain about exotics being strong and then nerf them. That's the purpose of it being called and dubbed a ****ing EXOTIC!!! I hate how legendaries are out classing exos and that shouldn't be honestly. Please make the stats actually mean something I hate how my Hunter has 9/10 Resilience, 8 & 9 Mobility should be getting caught by BS and still gets one tapped by fusion rifles and shotguns (especially the shotties when I be 1000ft away I still get dead) but when I use the same, my enemies don't get one tapped and I be up close in personal!

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