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Destiny 2

Общее обсуждение Destiny 2.
2/1/2019 1:50:28 AM

Would you like to see more D1 content in D2?

Yes - I'd like more D1 content to make a return.


Maybe - I wouldn't mind a little bit more.


No - I would rather have entirely new content.


I have been in love with Destiny ever since seeing its initial reveal back in 2013. I have bought every expansion, soundtrack, and art book. I sunk endless hours in a brave new world, played the hell out of the Crucible, and read the Grimoire like it was Harry Potter. Sadly, it has been months since I had a reason to launch the game. I miss the days when I played Strikes and Crucible simply because it was fun. I miss having subclass skill trees, I miss my old equipment, the way the bounties worked – Generally speaking, I miss Destiny 1. It was good to see the return of maps like Pantheon and Shores of Time, along with exotics like Thunderlord and The Last Word. Certainly, the game could improve from new, fresh content; but I've been thinking, maybe what I really want from Destiny 2 is more Destiny 1. [b]Vault of Glass[/b] [i](Remastered)[/i] If Destiny’s first raid made a comeback in Destiny 2, and did nothing more than reward the old armor and weapons: I would play it over and over. In the Curse of Osiris opening cinematic, we see that the Infinite Forest connects to the Vault of Glass. If players could use the Infinite Forest as an entrance to the Vault of Glass, the place would finally have a purpose. [b]Legacy Strikes [/b] Destiny had some fun and memorable Strikes that I would love to see return. It could be a simulation of the past in the Infinite Forest, or something like a meditation from Ikora. If recreating the locations for each Strike is too large of a task, maybe reduce it to only the boss encounters. I would kill to relive these Strikes in D2: [quote]- The Devils’ Lair [i](Sepiks Prime)[/i] - The Summoning Pits [i](Phogoth, the Untamed)[/i] - The Nexus [i](Sekrion, Nexus Mind)[/i] - Winter’s Run [i](Aksor, Archon Priest)[/i] - Cerberus Vae III [i](Valus Ta’aurc)[/i] - Will of Crota [i](Omnigul, Will of Crota)[/i] - The Sunless Cell [i](Alak-Hul, the Darkblade)[/i][/quote] [b]Crucible Classics[/b] Destiny 2 has four maps from the original Destiny: Shores of Time (Distant Shore), Burning Shrine (The Burnout), Bannerfall, and Pantheon (Convergence). More are surely on the way, but I thought I would list off the maps that need to make a return. Hopefully if these get remade, they wont be relocated to Nessus. I miss the Cosmodrome, the Moon, Venus, and the Meridian Bay of Mars. Just let me set foot back in those areas. [quote]- Twilight Gap - Exodus Blue - Rusted Lands - Widow’s Court - Asylum - Firebase Delphi - Blind Watch[/quote] [b]Old School Exotics[/b] I do like seeing new Exotics, but I am genuinely thrilled every time an old Exotic makes it to the D2 roster. MIDA Multi-Tool, Hardlight, The Jade Rabbit, Telesto, Wisper of the Worm, Sleeper Simulant, Suros Regime, Thunderlord, The Chaperone, The Queenbreaker, Lord of Wolves, Ace of Spades, The Last Word, and soon Thorn. I should be satisfied with what we have now, but there are still Exotics I need back in my life. [quote]- Gjallarhorn - Truth - Icebreaker - No Land Beyond - Plan-C - Hawkmoon - Bad Juju - Red Death - Khvostov 7G-0X[/quote] Most of the important Exotic armor from D1 is already in D2, but there still a few armor pieces I would like to see again. I would prefer if the original Exotic perks stayed mostly intact, but I’d settle if the only thing that was brought back was their appearance. [quote]- Helm of Inmost Light - No Backup Plans - Peregrine Greaves - Mask of the Third Man - Achlyophage Symbiote - ATS/8 Arachnid - Bones of Eao - Light Beyond Nemesis - Obsidian Mind - The Ram - Voidfang Vestments - Heart of the Praxic Fire[/quote] [b]Legacy Armor[/b] What the hell, Ghaul. There's no way I can’t move on from the D1 armor designs. I know I'm not the only who misses their old gear. Please, bring back these armor sets: [quote]- Murvaux, Bog Wild, Samsara [i](TTK Armor)[/i] - Spektar [i](April Update Armor)[/i] - Iron Companion [i](Y2 Iron Banner Armor)[/i] - Exodus/Astrolord/Justicar [i](Y1 Faction Armor)[/i] - Kabr/Prime Zealot/Hezen Lord [i](VoG Armor)[/i] [/quote] _______________ There are many things that would motivate me to come back to the world of Destiny, and I'll be content with anything new. I just felt like sharing my hopes and dreams for the future of Destiny. Thanks for reading. Feel free to vote for your favorite D1 Exotics, Strikes, or Crucible Maps; and I'll keep a tally and re-arrange the lists accordingly. Also, let me know your thoughts about recycled Destiny content.

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