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(PS4){NA} Active clan looking for great members!!

|Order of the Forge| is an active and friendly level 6 clan looking to add new members. We know how to run a clan and make it great. We believe that putting our members first and making sure everyone feels welcome and a part of the groups comes above all else. We are looking for players who are social, active and want to enjoy the game as a clan. [u]Key Points[/u] 18+ Discord friendly A sense of humor is appreciated There is always party chats going to join We have cleared and can teach Last Wish, Scourge and Forges. We enjoy all aspects of the game from story missions to Nightfalls. If you’re looking for a relaxed, drama free clan with fun people to game and hang with, check us out!! *We are also seeking raid ready players to help fill our spots. Whether you’re experienced or willing to learn. Getting back into raiding with clan members would be amazing.* *We are looking for more pvp players to group up and destroy crucible with our pvp community*

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