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Destiny 2

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Изменено (omegawolf): 1/31/2019 8:13:00 PM

TLW shouldn't have aim-down-sight (ADS)

Personally I don't even think you should have the option to aim down sights with TLW. Okay that being said I think the last word NEEDS that bonus precision on hip-headshot back. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the faster reload when you get hip fire damage, But it just doesn't feel like it rewards a skilled player enough like it did in D1. Going back to the no ADS thing it irritates me to no end when I see YouTubers and other guardians ADSing with TLW it was NEVER made to ADS. So instead of ADSing when you click (insert zoom button here) it should fire all the rounds off at a faster rate of fire. But that's just my suggestions, what do you think about ADSing with TLW?

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