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1/30/2019 10:21:23 AM

Dead Warlock Nova Warp

Does anyone at bungie actually tried to compete in a private game against other bungie employees with different class and subclass? Warlock Nova Warp main here. I know theres a lot of bitching about nova warp and heres another. Technical first. Even before patch, NW needs to 2-shot ALL supers besides Golden Gun, with second attack slower against all other roaming (Hammer, Shield, Staff, Spectral, Dawnblade). Hunters roaming supers has the privilege of instant attacking after popping supers. Guess who always won between NW and Staff/Spectral if both pops super at the same time? Who got nerfed to oblivion afterwards? Granted, the kill-behind-cover NW thing was indeed need a nerf, but so does Blade Barrage and Strikers. Blade Barrage and titan missile has super high hitbox and understandable because its not roaming but Havoc should get the same nerf treatment. Before the patch, theres time where i absolutely obliterated the enemy team with a single nova warp, but theres also times where i kill nothing because i cant even put up the speed for a hunter running away from me. Now rather than current nerf to NW, it should be better if the nerf was reverted, and only nerf duration (not this severe, same as all other super but higher because theres no get-your-super-back-after-something for nova warp), resistance (idc how much coz warp can close in rather easily), health per kill (seriously, 2 kills for full health?) and it will be back at the same level of ALL OTHER SUPERS. Oh man i can hear some hunters main bitching around about this post already. Ranting done, im out.

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