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1/30/2019 3:49:52 AM

I still don't get why Telesto was nerfed...

I am not happy about Telesto getting nerfed. Now shotguns; and Luna's Howl to an extent, will take over even MORE than they already have... I'm sure the data would freaking prove that shotguns are being used way too much. Like, even True Vanguard posted a video with the data showing how shotguns dominate the Crucible. Why have you done this Bungie? Why nerf the only good special weapon, the only special weapon variant fusion rifle that stood a good chance against shotguns? Why? It makes no sense. Especially with the map design we have in Destiny 2. Maps that are PERFECTLY made for shotguns and aping. (Except maybe Equinox) If we had more balanced maps with larger spaces for using things like scout rifles and sniper rifles, and shotguns weren't really a huge problem. Like, literally they were put into the high risk, high reward role that they probably should be in... Then sure. Nerf Telesto, and let's not even really worry about it. But with shotguns DOMINATING the Crucible... I just don't get the change. Please watch True Vanguard's video about this. I have shared the link. Thanks to anyone who reads this. God Bless. Rigel

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