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[PC] - DuxCorps is recruiting! Looking for new players who wish to grow!

We're looking for both experienced and new(er) players who want to learn how to master their characters! It's easy to just join a well established clan with hundreds if not thousands of players but is it as fulfilling? Isn't it great to struggle and reach your goals with that huge sigh of relief? Let those struggles release those nasty and addictive endorphins we enjoy! It's like eating infinite candy without getting diabetus (:. - We're PVEVP and try to learn the lore, master our characters, and learn raids! Games are more fulfilling when you're out playing with a group that you're close with! Whether its strikes, nutfalls, or gambino we do it all! We welcome all times zones but are mostly (PST) :). We can easily break 100k in nightfalls, get you that runner triumph in gambit, or help you farm for those exotic quests / escalation protocol as well! [u] [b]Clan Channel![/b][/u] [u] [b]If you want to just come by and chat, feel free to drop by our discord![/b][/u]

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