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Destiny 2

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1/27/2019 11:40:57 AM

Grinded Breackneck, grind Malfeasance: dozens of rewards, still no pillager! Your RNG is horrible!!!

Bungie, You really need to start looking into your god awfull RNG mechanics. How can it be that any player who invests so much time in your game gets so little reward out of it. I've grinded and grinded and grinded to get Breackneck, I'm almost done for Malfeasance, just a few kills away. I've received every gambit item ingame except 1: The Pillager.. How can I get a damn trophy if your implementation of RNG rewards might even never in my lifetime give me that gun? We need ways as a player to combat RNG systems in game. Every RNG game gives you at least some possibility to put the odds in your favor. Something as simple as getting a choice between armor or weapon as a reward could greatly benefit your chances of getting that 1 last missing item. You're burning people out. It's RNG on top of RNG, wrapped in RNG with some RNG to top it off. You've created the most unrewarding system I've ever came across in a video game. Horrible, horrible game design. Same for EP weapons: I've yet to get 1 of the possible 3 that drop. It's infuriating. DO SOMETHING!!!

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