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1/26/2019 1:29:05 AM

Outlawed Rebels Clan Extremely Toxic Beware

I want to write of my experience with a clan named Outlawed Rebels. They are one of the most toxic group of individuals l have ever had the opportunity of running into in all my years of gaming. Such vile individuals their admins are rotten to the core. And how they talk about other clan members behind their back in the Admins Hangout is disgusting. I personally was attacked for asking for help to accomplish missions and get past certain aspects in the game l even have proof with numerous Screenshots. Members Herpaderp333, FallenAngel84x, MissRebelQueen (The Founder) and GrovelingOwl4 despite their terrible grammar all attacked me behind my back. Such a helpful community. Such disgusting behaviour by disgusing individuals l guess they are no different in reality. I strongly suggest ignoring this Clan at all costs they are nothing but toxic.

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