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1/25/2019 10:16:53 PM

Fortnite keeps taking away Destiny 2 players. Do you agree?

I just wanna hear some thoughts and experiences about this. I recently bought Foresaken and sunk back in into D2 after a long break. All my friends and clan mates are completely hooked to Fortnite or just don't wanna play D2 anymore. Latter is mostly due to them not trusting the game anymore or they just boycott after the 2 first admittedly bad dlcs. I tried to convince them to jump back in but I only got one to buy Foresaken and after 3 hours of playing together per day he switches back to Fortnite cause that's where all the people are. So I wonder if there are any other D2 player who experience this. And why it is that so many people just don't seem to enjoy D2 anymore as they did enjoy D1. I like the game very much at its current state but there is just stuff you can't do with randos. PS: I tried Fortnite for a month and just couldn't enjoy it at all. I don't like the competitive and sweaty gameplay, the building, the graphics and the progression system as a whole. I like grinding for my gear and get to keep it and make actual use of it.

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