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Изменено (SpaceJim): 1/25/2019 8:17:25 AM

Dreaming City Title

Bungie, you won! I'm broken. Yesterday was my 25th try to get Cursebreaker title. I did everything! Blind Well, Ascendant, Story Mission. I farmed Shuttered Throne, I farm DC sectors, Blind Well, even corsairs badges. I even got this -blam!-ing rarest shit ship of all game history. But after -blam!-ing 500 hours Dreaming City farm I can't get -blam!-ing sparrow. You, Bungie, are worst people ever, if you could made this type of rng for simple -blam!-ing things. I already gave up on LW sparrow and ship and I'm sick of Dreaming City. So, here's the deal, you useless developers! I want to buy stuff you closed to rng. Now you independent studio, you have to make more money from D2. Ok, add bundle with ship, ghost shell and sparrow of dreaming city to Eververse and I will buy it... I don't want to go back to Dreaming City again...

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