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Изменено (THE DOCTOR876): 1/25/2019 12:07:53 AM

Dreaming City Cosmetics (shell, sparrow,ship) drop rate

Bungie Team, First of all I want to thank you for improving the D2 experience with Forsaken. I enjoy playing this game and definitely looking forward to the new seasons. I would like to make a case for RNG in dreaming city and Seals. I believe RNG should have nothing to do with seals because it should be base on player skill and way to play for rewards. A player grinding for a Seal will look at what needs to be done not hope to get lucky and get a drop, it should be based on event or quest completion, not luck. I have been trying super hard to get all dreaming city cosmetics to attain the Cursebreaker Seal, but those dreaming city cosmetics do not drop. We have played over 6 weeks, no joy. Yet, have a friend who plays less, and has two. I can understand RNG for armor/ weapon rolls, or maybe in the raid, but having RNG involved in getting a Seal detracts from its purpose, hence making Certain seals almost unobtainable. All other seals can be attained with no RNG involved, except for Cursebreaker and Wayfarer. I hope you consider my honest feedback, i am not the only player having this issue. Thank you for making Destiny 2 enjoyable and fun to play. Looking forward to whatever u have stored for us in the future. Regards, THE DOCTOR876

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