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1/18/2019 8:47:43 PM

I feel like The Last Word could have kept it's original hip fire perk if they just toned down the bonus damage.

How I got it in d1 and how I felt about it: [spoiler] The Last Word was my first exotic I ever got in Destiny 1. I remember it pretty well too just not the maps name. It dropped after a crucible match on that one mars map, not fire base...the one with like the silos in the back..anyways it dropped there. I never really used it despite it being my first exotic until trials became a thing. Personally, I was more of a thorn person, but it was my secondary weapon for trials. I remember the complaints about the weapon were things like it 2 tapping and such because of the bonus precision damage on hip fire. When they removed that feature as a whole, I always wondered as to why they did so, rather than just tone down the bonus it gave. With it returning to Destiny 2, I kind of don't see a point of getting it when it won't ever really be like how it used to be. I used to hate fighting the last word when it did 2 tap, and even during year 3 when for whatever reason it had a resurgence...but I still felt wrong for hating it because it was meta not for the perk it had, but for how fast it fired, as it granted a faster ttk than most weapons in the game for pretty much 2 head and 1 body.[/spoiler] I don't want it 2 tapping again, and I sure as hell don't want it 3 tapping as a 180 rpm handcannon (which is weird in itself), but I would like to see the bonus damage on hip fire return, even if it's only a small amount. It's what made hip firing with it so much more valuable than it already was, and with the current stats it has (which are god awful) I hope they reconsider it for the sake of the weapon. Let's say it does normal 180 handcannon damage (57 head and 39 body) while adsing, but it increases slightly for both body and headshot while hip firing. Particularly, numbers like 61 for head and 44 body (which could be converted to something like a 15% damage buff in pve, which is pretty good). For 61 to head, it can't 3 shot and 43 to body would reduce the number of bodyshots it takes to kill from 6 to 5 (which is still a bonus but also not breaking the weapon). Optimal ttk would be exactly the same as the 180s, which is 2 body and 2 head for a 1.00 ttk which is very reasonable (1 head and 3 body will be possible for 6 resilience and below guardians, which adds more value to higher resilience but doesn't take away from the weapon). In PvP, a damage bonus from something like inertia override could change ttk, but in my eyes I think that's fine, because it would still require set up as well as accuracy from the user while hip firing to the head. Let me know if you think this is a good idea or not. I'm still tinkering with the numbers and have been alternating between 61 head and 44 body or 61 head and 43 body (which would make the 1 head and 3 body only possible for 4 resilience and below guardians).

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