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Изменено (Chief Oddest): 1/24/2019 5:47:46 AM

Bungie, I LOVE Destiny, so here is a little pvp input from me.

I love destiny, but coming from a titan main, pvp feels waaaaaaaaay too meta. Mainly because of shotguns, blade barage, spectral blades, some granade launchers, sometimes shoulder charge, and the overall high and superior mobility with hunters. BUT instead of just saying what I, (and many others) feel are unbalanced, I'll provide some potental solutions. Shotguns: back to heavy (or remove them forever lol). Blade barage: nerf tracking and damage just a liiiiiittle more. Spectral blades: cut super time back by 25% or so. Granade launchers: I don't know about that one. Shoulder charge: reduce aim assist by maybe 25% (and that's coming from a titan main). Also splitting pvp and pve would help with the balance, (though I understand that would be a huge change and take a lot of work, maybe consider it for Destiny 4?) I do not want to come off demanding to you guys, so if I am, I don't mean to. I love destiny, I just.......feel strongly about pvp. It almost feels like baning some weapons in different activities would be best for the players, (the ones like me anyway) and the dev team, so there is no seperaiting and no nerfing. Sorry if I spelled anything wrong, I don't want to spell-check everything right now, and thanks for your time, and this fantastic world you crafted for us. PS: I didn't mention queenbrakers or sleeper, but again baning would work well for them.

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