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Matchmaking Is Shit

(Clip is my next comp game after I got unsespended. I know I'm garbage.) Okay. So I've been getting a little sweaty lately in Crucible. I decided I'd practiced enough when I was top of the board on my team three games in a row, so it was time for some comp. I'm still grinding Luna's Howl because I didn't find out about it till the end of season 4 (Mostly a pve player). But solo queuing is actually garbage. I loaded into my first game. It was survival. The enemy team had all Luna's and NF as well as dust rock blues. Our team pulled a win the first round but then one of our guys left. After that, we got mopped up till I was the last guardian standing on my team. Bungie. I understand you have some stuff in place to punish quitters, but this is what causes quits. I only played 4 games of pvp and now I can't play another match of comp because I got a suspension for them quitting! -blam!- your matchmaking system! I was only trying to farm solar kills.

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