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Изменено (Bradorita): 1/20/2019 11:44:40 PM

Dreaming city cosmetics need to be more than once a week chances

We need to be able to farm for them. This whole once a week thing is garbage. I've been playing since the beginning and I've only gotten the ship and that was a rogue drop. Dont make it barred to once a week cause that's awful. Yes even with 3 characters it's not farmable. The fact that we cant run through the ascendant challenge multiple times and have the ability to get the drop is just bad design. I've literally gotten more exotics than I've seen dreaming city drops. And this is on multiple different peoples radars, including xHOUNDISH. The fact that we are barred to once a week (or in the case of the ship once every 3 weeks) just to get a cosmetic for the title is awful. Might I suggest either making the events farmable or making the sparrow the ship and the ghost drop equally from all dreaming city events, not just once a week. Sincerely, Someone who just wants cursebreaker

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