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1/20/2019 7:47:25 PM


HELLO! Check out our clan NEBULA_rose is a serious clan of not so serious people! If you're looking to get stuff done AND have fun at the same time, come on in! We are looking for individuals looking to have fun and run raids, but those that just like to play the game and keep to themselves are welcome too! We accept any player, at any skill level and are willing to help and teach them! Our founder(s) and admins are veterans of the game (clan was founded in the 2nd week of Destiny 1). Admins and other players are on daily, if you’re looking for help or just someone to play with. If you would like to run a raid with us, all we ask is that you have a mic! (no experience required) * Raids scheduled for weekends (Friday- Monday) Thanks for checking out our clan! AND if you join us, WELCOME TO THE FIRETEAM! DISCORD: * this clan is open, all are welcome * clan is US based (primary language is English) but players from other countries are welcome! * Mainly PS4, but all platforms are welcome! (2 XBOX players, 3 PC players) * No age Limit * family friendly * female friendly *discord not required

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