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1/19/2019 10:41:27 PM

My Cloack that is equiped is non-existent even though It's on me! Game bugs!

Hello. I have gotten a "Hunter's cloak" with Season 5's first rewards that is 500 power. I infused it with my own cloak that I already owned, and now that cloak is 500 power [b]BUT requires level 43[/b], and Im not going to pay for DLC's because this game is made by Activison (Published and thus it's rained with DLC's). Now now, [b]I had a [u]269[/u] scored Vigil of Heroes Hunter's cloak,[/b] and It is equipped, but it does not count as an item since Im only level 20. [b]I just want it back to be 269 score[/b] or something.. I don't really want to farm back that cloak since EVERYTHING IS nerfed down for me, I get bad items, cannot buy better items, so I cannot buy back a 260 score cloak, because ding ding [b][u][i]239[/i][/u] [/b]score because of the stupid Forsaken DLC.... the best I can buy back is [b][u]200[/u] score[/b]. Amazing really.

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