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1/19/2019 1:15:18 PM

Save Data Sync With BNG Account

I play Destiny 2 on my Xbox One and I played Destiny 1 on my Xbox One, but I've always wanted to buy Destiny 2 for PC to try there. The problem is that I would then have to start all over again, which makes me not want to buy the game on PC and try. It would be a lot better if you Save Data/Progress w/ Characthers would be saved through your Bungie Account instead of being stuck to 1 Platform, other games like Fortnite for example uses Save Data through Epic Games website account with their own friend list etc. So you can play on Xbox and then go on PC, log in and play there with the same stats, skins etc. I would love that as well for Destiny 2 so I could buy the game on PC and use my Characthers there from my Bungie Account instead of having to start over, of course things that exclusive to PlayStation would then be unavailable when you played on a different platform and your PS Excl. Gear would also then be unable to be equipped and say for example "Not Allowed on This Platform". Just an idea

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