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1/17/2019 6:33:17 AM

Xbox - Connection Issues & Errors - Google Fiber

Greetings, friends! I've been having a lot of issues getting/staying connected and things went to a new level last night. Below is a detailed breakdown of my issues and findings: [b]General Information[/b] - Location: Kansas City, USA - ISP: Google Fiber - Config: Router away from other devices, factory reset the box, etc. - System: Xbox One X (DMZ on my router) [b]Xbox Detailed Network Report[/b] - Up: 268 Mbps - Down: 1145Mbps - Packet Loss: 0% - Latency: 30ms (during matchmaking) - MTU: 1480 [b]Event Timeline[/b] - Power up Xbox from powered off state - Launch D2, load character, try to get to the Tower - Immediate "Canary" error - Back to loading screen, immediate "Marionberry" multiple times - Repeat several times...finally works? All thoughts or suggestions welcome!

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