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1/16/2019 5:33:59 AM

Dear Bungie

If weapons truly have random rolls then why, pray tell, has every single Blast Furnace I’ve received in the 3 weeks they were available only ever had Air Assault/Slideshot? That doesn’t seem so random to me. That seems like dozens upon dozens of wasted weapons, modulus reports, and weeks of my life due to lazy, greedy game design and an algorithm purposely weighted for worthless perks no one uses or asks for on anything but shotguns. Now that we’re kicking Activision to the curb, let’s cut the chaff from the wheat and reduce the possible perks down from the 25 million useless possibilities we have now, to the 4 total that people are even going to give a second glance. Repeating the same content ad nauseum with nothing to show for it is NOT fun. That’s gambling. Fun is being able to even use a piece of gear we like to play the game in the first place.

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