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1/14/2019 10:54:59 PM

Being stuck with unidentified frame just because of RNG is super lame

I've been grinding daily Ada bounties for weeks now and I've never had a rare bounty drop. I didnt even knkw they were a thing. I did every daily bounty I could all week while shattered throne was up, trying to progress my unidentified frame in time. Now Im going to be stuck with it in my pursuits for another two weeks because all my bounties are done and I never got the rare bounty to drop, because for whatever reason, a pre-collapse organization has ties to the dreaming city? What??? It was fine with the wish ender because it made sense time gating it in the dreaming city but what the heck does the BA have to do with DC? This quest step makes no sense to start and even worse Im locked out of progressing the gun and associated puzzle because my RNG is total crap to begin with. This gun quest step should either have had a guarnteed drop for rare bounties this week or it really honestly shouldn't be tied to Shattered Throne and the DC in the first place. I hope theres at least a quick fix coming for feb 5th with an increase in adas rare bounty drops. Just my two cents.

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