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Bungie, You're Free From Activision. Do These Things To Make Me Reinstall D2.

Hello, Bungie. You did it. You're free from the tight jaws of that greedy company. You have all of this freedom and control to do what you like. Let's cut to the chase: this is what needs to be done. [b][u]1) Retune Eververse Again. Or Remove It.[/u][/b] Let's be real: Eververse was Activision's doing. However, there is still a chance to redeem Tess in the community's eye. [b]Remove Bright Engrams.[/b] Instead, sell everything as individual items. No bundles. No deals. Reward players gaining XP with rewards of enough Bright Dust or a consumable to purchase several items from the store, possibly the same amount that you would get from a Bright Engram now. Keep Silver, but reduce the Silver price of items. Or delete it. Retire or reassign Tess. Either works. [b][u]2) Powerful Gear Must Be A Choice.[/u][/b] Pretty simple. Instead of rewarding Powerful Gear engrams, reward players with a choice. Let us pick what armor or weapons we would like from the season's selection. This will prevent all future incidents of Edge Transit and will provide a more reliable progression path towards Raids and end-game content. [b][u]3) Remove Enhancement Cores From Infusion.[/u][/b] This. This this this. No explanation needed. [b][u]4) Transmogrification[/u][/b]. HolyshitIcannotstressthisenough. Figure out a way to apply different armor designs over current armor choices. Let us choose how we look to have some sort of consistency in cutscenes and to let us enjoy our looks. This will also benefit Eververse, as we can retain the look and not have to worry about any stats on the gear. [b][u]5) Separate PvP and PvE Even More.[/u][/b] Look at your entire set of loot for the game, then segregate everything into PvP and PvE. Base this on lore and physical power. Allow players to have those kinds of wild and stupid weapons and armor for PvE, but have the more balanced stuff for PvP. That said... [b][u]6) Make Loadouts An Actual In-Game Element.[/u][/b] Make the transition between activity-appropriate gear easier with loadout switching. Just one button press and you switch over to Crucible armor and so on. [b][u]7) Never. EVER. Neglect The Story.[/u][/b] You've kind of being doing that for a while now. Baby Malphur? Ana Bray getting her Light back in no time at all? "Folk Your Lore"? Stop that. Sit down and actually work on your story. Have roundtable discussions and try to focus on not just pulling lore-breaking tweaks out of your backsides. (Seriously, Baby Malphur. Well-established that Guardians cease aging after becoming what they are now. Try to keep the canon clear of plot holes.) There might be more reasons to come, but these will do for now. You all have an opportunity to make Destiny 2 better. Take that opportunity and do your best with it.

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