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1/13/2019 9:04:59 PM

Allow players to use Baryon Boughs to rank up with Petra Venj & Etheric Spiral with Spider

This is a fairly simple change that might also help with some of the RNG associated with Triumph seals. Allowing us to turn in planetary materials to earn packages from the Forsaken vendors would allow us to reliably farm for the dreaming city cosmetics, as well as tangled shore weapons. Also, there is no reason we shouldn't be able to do this, because every other planetary vendor has rank up packages that can be earned. Also, it would make Etheric Spirals and Baryon Boughs useful for something other than occasionally infusing gear. Note: This could also be implemented with Drifter, as he doesn't have rank up packages, but they would have to add in Gambit tokens, which might take more time. Let me know what you think about this potential change!

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