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Изменено (S_Sasquatch): 1/13/2019 8:01:03 PM

Just Let Us Masterwork Exotics If Catalysts Aren't Coming Anytime Soon

Exotic Catalysts were a great little chase in Warmind, but why have we only gotten Fighting Lion's since then? Even with how minor some of the bonuses were, generating orbs and kill tracking is big. I'd like to use all these new Exotics, but not having generating orbs is a turnoff. [b]If Catalysts aren't coming anytime soon, just let us Masterwork our Exotic weapons now. Allow us to generate orbs and have kill trackers. If a catalyst is added in the future, cool, we just have to do something specific for the added bonus just like every catalyst so far.[/b] [quote]also, -blam!- RNG in Titles. 0/19 Weeks, 0/57 Chances on the Dreaming City Ghost for Cursebreaker Title. Is Solo Flawless Shattered Throne and completing every Dreaming City Triumph not enough for LUCK?[/quote]

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