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PS4 | EVOLUTION™ is looking for members (Open Sign-Up)

[i]Evolution™ is a chill new casual clan (PS4 only) looking for dedicated  helpful Guardians willing to help building up this clan and have a good time together. Whether you like to join just casual supporting us by doing weekly Clan missions,- or more hardcore seeking a challenge by doing and game content. Every Guarduan is welcome as long he/she can meet the following requirements: - You have access to all the available D2 Content (Annual Pass preffered) - You have access to the Destiny 2 Companion App. Available for both Android and Apple devices. - You are at least 20+ years old. -You're living in Europe,- or mostly active within the CET time zone. - You are okay with joining a mature, but fun and respectful environment. - You got a decent headset or microphone. Voice communication is key, especially durring events like Raids. You don't necessarily have to be in a group chat all the time while doing other content though. - You are willing to support the clan by completing your weekly clan missions (providing 5000 XP to the Clan each week). [/i] Low level characters are welcome to join too of course. But we prefer higher level characters (lvl 50 with Power level 600 or higher) so we can approach challenging (endgame) content as soon as possible. Strikes, Nightfall Strikes, Gambit and Crusible Matches, Forge Runs and anything that lies ahead. We won't leave anything untouched. ---------- We only use the official tools provided by Sony (PSN voice chat) and Activision (D2 Companion app) so no other third party applications like 'Discord' will be mandatory. ---------- We understand people have jobs, family and social lifes and we respect that like no other. Real life always comes first! But keep in mind we maintain an one month inactivity purge to keep the clan clean of sleeping members. Please contact us if you are going to be offline longer. We don't need to know reasons, just inform us of your absence and you will be flagged inactive until you are able to start playing again. ---------- Sounds all interesting?! Well, good news: we're open to welcome you (open sign-up available now!). Go check out our page here: Got questions? Feel free to ask them.

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