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Music of the Spheres Vinyl Collectors Edition in depth Unboxing

I'm just your average guy that seriously appreciates the heart and soul that went into the music in this franchise. Music of the Spheres is IMO some of the greatest 50 minutes of music that I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. If you haven't heard the stories about what happened with this project back in the day, I urge you to read This was the catalyst for Marty O'Donnell's departure from Bungie, and its a shame he's no longer working on the franchise. That being said, the rest of the music team at Bungie is still full of incredible artists and composers, such as Michael Salvatori, who was the lead on the Taken King OST. I even had the pleasure of meeting him, Skye Lewin and C Paul Johnson in Washington at this event ( where they even signed my ghost! ( My unboxing video is of the product on Bungie's store shown here: It's currently sold out, and I'm unaware of any plans to ship more. Mine shipped late December, but the wait was worth it. I urge you all to give Music of the Spheres a listen to in it's entirety, which is easy to find on Youtube. But seriously, while you're playing Destiny/Destiny 2, don't be afraid to crank up that music volume and really take a second to admire the work that's been put into these games. Unboxing Video: --- Music of the Spheres on Youtube: Destiny OST:

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